Greetings to all tea lovers, gourmets of unusual food and adventurers!

            Would you like to join expedition in China with a guide with fluent Chinese?
If the answer is yes, then welcome on board!
1. The expedition for old tea tree gardens in Xishuangbanna (+ wine area) in Yunnan 16 days (+5 days)
2. Expedition on a tropical island - Hainan 16 +5 days
3. Expedition for jasmine flowers in Guangxi province 16 +5 days       
In this video you can see tea trip from 2015
The first expedition will take place in Yunnan province. Except focusing on tea production from old tea trees in the Xishuangbanna region ( bordering Burma and Laos ), we will also explore an area where local minorities are producing home-made wine. Second expedition will lead to Hainan island. We will search for one of the most delicate green tea, climb high mountain, visit volcano park and hit some beautiful beaches. The third expedition will take us to a place in Guangxi province where jasmine flowers are picked for matching with tea and then we will go to Guilin to ride the Li river on bamboo rafts amidst beautiful karst mountains. Are you looking forward already?
On each expedition you will taste different types of Chinese tea and learn to determine the quality of the tea, and its processing.
For detailed information please send me a private message.
Please be noted that there are only 10 people per expedition.