Welcome digital pilgrim!

      I am glad that you stop here for a while. Time and tea is connected as ying and yang. So don't rush and enjoy the time while drinking good tea.
About me:
My name is Michal Bútor. I devoted myself to tea in 2004 during my first year of Chinese studies at Commenius University in Bratislava. During my studies I spent three months at my host family in Maanshan city (Anhui province) and one year at Yunnan University in Kunming. Later in 2010  I have received a master degree of Intercultural communication and Chinese language and I began to interpret, mainly in industrial field. Luckily in 2012 I've decided to go back to China and travel around tea plantations and tea houses. I have travelled through almost all southern provinces in three months period. Then I decided to import some HQ tea to Slovakia. Not an easy step. From 2015 I started to guide people around China. Now, every spring time you can wander with me to places where tea trees are thousand years old, learn how to produce tea, climb to mountains close to Tibet, or just visit scenic places and eat some good unusual food.
I have interpreted in several industrial fields: Carbearings - INA Skalica, stamping  - ESON, car dampers - ZF Zachs, ultra-light aircrafts - TOMARK, production of wine - Chateau Modra a Chateau Topolčianky, and bio-fertilizers - Airnite Global. If you need any interpretation please contact me on michalbutor@gmail.com
Tea selection:
I am very choosy when comes to selecting tea. I thoroughly ask farmers about all their chemical treatments of tea trees. I do ask about using of pesticides and in which time of year they are spraying it. Early spring tea do not need to be sprayed, many farmers are spraying in June when pests starts flying. Some farmers do not spray at all. And old trees are most safe. At my site you can find only spring tea (February-May). My tea has also undergone several examinations for pesticides, heavy metals and molds. The result of 300 chemical subjects was negative.  Hope you can enjoy it.
If you are familiar with old town of Bratislava, you should know that there  still remains some parts of medieval city walls. Here you can find my Teabar. It is a small wooden stand which I have designed myself and constructed with my friend. This place is a bit hidden, however you can reach it from three directions from the center of old town. One direction is connecting the Venturska street through Prepoštska street. It is a narrow romantic path. Second direction is much easier, when you are standing back to the doorway of St. Martin's Cathedral you will see both outer and inner city walls. My stand is located in the inner part. The third direction is from Jewish (Židovska) street over the small bridge crossing Staromestska street. Btw. thats the best spot for taking picture of the UFO tower bridge. Then just enter inner walls and you find Teabar. (Please be noted that city walls are open only from May to November)